Age is a number, action is a choice

Quote age is a number

I’m too old for this …  is the Lethal Weapon movie quote I could relate to both before and after my 6th Kuk Sool Won class because it was also the day that for the second time in my life I had to take a behind the wheel driving test.

How much anxiety can you fit into one afternoon? Plenty it would seem.

Testing and accomplishment

Moving to America meant that my United Kingdom driving licence would only be valid for a limited period before I was required to take the local driving tests both written and practical. I postponed it for as long as I could as the thought of doing a behind the wheel test after more than 20 years of driving filled me with dread, especially because it would be on the other side of the road.

The anxiety of the pending assessment transported me to the day that I first took the K53 test in South Africa as a teenager. Surely being 40 something should grant me some more composure than then – but it didn’t.

However if I wanted to drive I had no choice but to do it. And 20 years later I felt the same thrill of accomplishment as when I first took the test.

Kuk Sool Won Class 6

I had a few hours to let my adrenalin levels drop before my anxiety started peaking again in anticipation of the martial arts class.

The grimaces of pain on the mature brown belt’s face leading warm up were echoed by mine. The natural flexibility of our bodies had been eroded by time. Next to me what looked like a ten year old did the full splits with remarkable ease. It hurt just to look at him.

Beads of sweat were clearly evident on my flushed cheeks. Kicking and punching the air is rather heavy work.

Then came form practice and techniques. Following the stresses of the day my mind drew a blank on which hand grabbed and which foot stepped. Ten push-ups for you thanks very much!

Even my favourite sword play couldn’t revive me. I was spent.

Accepting the challenge

Then just before departure the white belts were encouraged to sign up for tournament. The idea was that it would challenge and motivate us.

Completing the forms made it obvious that I was the oldest white belt by far. There wasn’t a box to check after my age category!

So yes I did it anyway. Age is just a number, action is a choice.


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in her private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Master Saidi or that of the World Kuk Sool Won Association.


About Vanessa Lee Thomas

floral photographer, wife, s-a-h Mom, genetic counselling supporter, martial arts fan, nature lover, writer, marketing enthusiast and freelance journalist

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